Southampton Housing Authority

NOTICE TO BIDDERS: TSHA is Seeking Landscaping and Irrigation Services in Southampton, NY

The TSHA is accepting bids for landscaping and irrigation services in Southampton, NY. We are looking for both one- and three-year contracts to provide services at Hampton Bays Apartments. If your company is selected to work for us, you will be required to provide proof of insurance naming TSHA as an additional insurer. We also require proof of your workman’s comp coverage. Contact us to learn more.

Landscaping Requirements

  • Spring Cleanup: Clean up and remove winter debris, edge and redefine beds, and weed and clean planting beds.
  • Weekly Lawn Cutting and Weeding of Plant Beds: May to November (Approximate Dates) – Cut, edge, and blow off common areas, including weeding and spraying planting beds as needed.
  • Trim Hedges, Trees, Shrubbery, and Bushes: Includes clearing perimeter tree lines.
  • Fall Clean-Up and Leaf Removal: This includes the final lawn cutting as well as cutting back all perennial plant material.
  • Turf Management Program: Materials applied must be pet safe/pet friendly, and areas must be flagged at the time of application with the date. This applies to lawn fertilization, limestone application, grub control application, fungicide/disease control application, broadleaf weed control, and grassy weed control for turf.

Irrigation Requirements

  • Open System: Set up the controller for the spring and run the entire system to test it. Also, adjust rotary and spray heads as necessary and check all zones for damage.
  • Mid-Season Check-Up: Adjust controller for longer days and warmer summer temperatures and adjust heads as needed.
  • Late Season Check-Up: Run the entire system to ensure proper coverage, adjust time on the controller as needed, and check heads for damage.
  • Close System: Winterize the system by compressing all water from irrigation lines, unplugging the controller, removing the battery, and shutting the water main to the irrigation manifold.

To learn more about the bidding process or to schedule a visit to inspect the property, reach out to our office. The TSHA reserves the right to waive any informalities in bids received and/or reject any or all bids.